Stop the IR Bill.

The Federal Government’s new industrial relations changes will make it even harder for you to meet your increasing cost of living pressures.

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What will the changes mean?

Australian businesses are already struggling as the cost of living rises, and the Government wants to pass legislation that will make it harder and more complex to employ people.

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Harder to employ casual workers
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This will make it harder to employ casual workers, meaning you will have less opportunity to work a few extra hours to make a bit of extra cash to cover your bills.

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You can't be your own boss
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Independent contractors, such as self-employed tradespeople and owner-driver truck businesses will be forced into the industrial relations system and could lose the freedom to be their own boss.

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No reward for experience or hard work
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Businesses that use labour hire or service contractors will be forced into ‘Same Job, Same Pay’. So inexperienced labour hire workers will, by law, have to be paid the same as existing workers with decades of experience. This puts up the costs for business which has to be passed on to the consumer.

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Unions can seize sensitive data at anytime, any place
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Unions would have more powers than police to enter workplaces and conduct ‘search and seizures’. These would extend to any workplace and any office.

Take action.

But, it's not over yet.

The new changes are currently being debated in Parliament and we need to put pressure on the Government to Stop the IR Bill.

But they'll only stop if you tell them to.

Send your nearest Member of Parliament an email, telling them to scrap their radical industrial relations changes.

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This campaign has now concluded.

Thank you to everyone who sent an email standing up for Australian businesses and workers.